Youth Marketing Academy Success Stories

Steve Bayley USA“I joined YMA to align my interests in mobile consumer insights and qualitative youth culture research with the MBA background I’m currently getting. I’ve had the experience of working with urban radio brands and managing a young female rapper, and I wanted to combine the different perspectives on youth marketing.” (Steve Bayley, USA)

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Zulcar Chaeril Indonesia“Marketing is not just about selling a product or a services, but also about to make the brand more personal. The Youth Marketing Academy course allowed me to dig deeper and learn all about marketing knowledge and get all the newest information about marketing.” (Zulcar Chaeril, Indonesia)

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Kalin Kalinov Bulgaria“For me, the Academy is a very positive thing to set it as an on-line course. This way I won’t have to put aside my business tasks completely. I will be able to run my company’s day-to-day activity and at the same time take part in your programme. The networking opportunities are also very important since in our business it is a key to success or failure.” (Kalin Kalinov, Bulgaria)

Video: Ghani Kunto, Head Trainer @ The Youth Marketing Academy

Abhirup Chakraborty IndiaYMA is a very useful step ahead in building my career across the broad spectrum of marketing and brand management. With the onset of social media and with increasing focus on vast markets constituted by youngsters, the course is insightful and helps me better sell myself to employers.” (Abhirup Chakraborty, India)

Michelle Owen Germany“The Youth Marketing Academy is a way for me to participate and gain insight into new approaches towards marketing to a youthful, digital generation”
(Michelle Owen, Germany)


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